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A Numbers Game

Lead Narrative Designer | January 2017 - May 2018

A Numbers Game lets you compete with a friend as petty, image focused Angelenos who are trying to land the more socially desirable date - by any shady means necessary. It's just a numbers game, after all. Dates are generated by 5 different card decks - name, occupation, hobby, personality, and quirk. Each date will have one of these cards drawn while you get to know them to make up their profile. Each card also has a social point value.


You and the other player you're trying to one-up play the game back and forth, spending your turn on a certain set of moves that include looking for dates, dating, dumping, stealing the other player's dates, and becoming exclusive. When both players are settled down, they compare the social value of their new beaus - whoever has more valuable arm candy wins!

As the Lead Narrative Designer, my responsibilities on the team were:

  • Making sure the game had a cohesive world and feel

  • Brainstorming names, occupations, hobbies, personalities, and quirks

  • Writing the situation cards, which players pull if they’re not sure how a date is going to go

  • Allotting social value points to each trait card

  • Gathering playtesters for Quality Assurance research, and recording any findings

  • Assisting with social media presence, creating content for our accounts and reaching out to our target audience, along with promoting our Kickstarter.

  • Creating and submitting festival applications.

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