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Froggy Shelf

Co-Creator, Audio Lead, 3D Artist | January 2020

Froggy Shelf presents players with a box of frogs of different shapes and sizes. You can place the frogs on your titular Shelf to hear a melody created by the combination of frogs. After your froggies are in a row, take a picture to save and share! Download the game here.

After brainstorming the different froggies, I noted the different materials and functionalities of each. I began recording the sounds of different household objects (i.e. cermaic mugs, slinkies, pillows, keys, etc.) and edited these recording in Logic Pro. I composed two loopable soundtracks that fit the casual, fun feel of the game, and implemented all audio assets using Unity's audio engine and C#. I also worked in Blender to model a couple, simple 3D froggies.

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