Let's Get This, Bread!

Co-Designer, Sprite Artist/Animator, Producer | August 2018 - December 2018

Let’s Get This, Bread! is a 2D platformer where the player, a piece of toast, struggles to collect all of the stars on the map while avoiding hungry, motivated millennials. The player can run left and right, as well as jump over obstacles or onto safe territory to avoid its pursuers. The player can also collect power-ups to give them an extra boost in avoiding the millennials.

As the Producer, my responsibilities on the team were:

  • Creating a burndown chart for the game development cycle and assigning tasks to myself and my co-designer, Joanna Yu. 

  • Updating our Perforce to make sure all of the files going in and out of our workstations didn’t overwrite one another.

  • Creating and animated the player character and enemies using PixilArt and Unity