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Lead Designer, Producer | December 2018 - May 2019

Technomancer is a single player platformer puzzle game set in a cyberpunk wasteland, where Big Corp. has destroyed everything. Players must use their "technomancing" powers to rebuild the city.​​

As the Lead Designer, my responsibilities on the team were:

  • Creating the idea of moving rooms in a building around like a slide puzzle.

  • Designing a cyberpunk universe with the use of a vibrant color scheme and environmental storytelling.

  • Worked with our audio designer, Michael Davis, to create a soundtrack and sound effects that would fit our narrative design.

  • Editing and publishing the trailer 

  • Assigning tasks and creating a burndown chart to keep the project moving at a steady pace.

  • Representing the game in "stand up" meetings, discussing what work we did and had left to do in the game.

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