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Game Audio


Audio Lead
A 2D fighting game with emergent musical elements. Download the full game here!


Sole Developer
A walking sim meant to be used as an escape from the COVID-19 pandemic to a relaxing campsite. Download the full experience here!


Audio Designer
A first person mystery game created for the Video Game Music Jam 2020. Download the full game here!

space cover.JPG

Sole Developer
A pinball machine simulator that calls back to classic, ultra-bright arcade games. Download the game here!


Froggy Shelf is a casual experience inspired by the devs' love for Animal Crossing and the froggy chair meme. Download the game here!

other projects


Cabin in a Forest
00:00 / 00:30
Medieval Town
00:00 / 02:57

random music generator

Inspired by 16-bit arcade cabinet games, built in Max/MSP

Final Screenshot 1.JPG
Final Screenshot 2.JPG
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